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Exciting News from Louisiana Growers!

As of June 30, 2024, after 36 years, we are ending our career and closing the nursery.   Thank you for your support of us and our plants!

We are happy to announce that a selection of our plant palette has found a new home at Windmill Nursery! Windmill has become known for its bee-friendly and Neonicotinoid insecticide-free plants, so it is a natural development for a native plant department to be included in Windmill's mission.  Please contact:

For Texas:  Meredith Hilliard 985-377-6769 

For Louisiana:  Trent Ellis 985-778-9800

Interest in native plants has exploded!  Customers want to experience first-hand the interconnections of plants, wildlife, and people.  We see a keen interest in including native plants in residential, commercial, and government projects.   Keep the momentum going and remember:  Diversity Rules!