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Ilex vomitoria (local selections)
Botanical Name

Ilex vomitoria (local selections)

Common Name
Native Yaupon
Wetland Status

An evergreen hedge plant that is moderately fast growing (to 20’ tall), tolerates drought extremely well once established.  Females produce numerous berries in the fall, in dense clusters throughout the plant which remain attached through winter/early spring, providing a winter food source for birds.  Adapted to a wide variety of soil textures, but typically prefers sandy sites. It is shade tolerant.

The male of the species is a huge pollinator attracter and is needed for good fruit set on the female.

'Bogalusa Highway' is a yellow-fruited female with small foliage.  It is fine textured with a somewhat arching habit. 

'Dummyline Road' is a tree-form female, with large, dark green foliage. 

'El Chico' is a male selection, easily shearable as a hedge, a smaller (12' - 14') Yaupon Holly selected for its tight habit and smaller foliage.  Male Yaupon Holly is great for early bee foraging in the spring.  

'La Chica' is a female selection, more upright with  smaller foliage.  This selection is also shearable, with pretty fruit.

'Lowery Road' is red-fruited female form; "plain Jane" that is typical of the species.